Alpine A110


Launched in 1961, the Alpine A110 “Berlinette” was based on Renault 8 running gear. It was an evolution of the Michelotti-designed A106 and A108 which were based on the earlier Renault 4CV

With a classic rear-engined layout and very little weight over the front wheels the A110 was, in the right hands, a potent rally car. It took the first three places in the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally and, two years later, achieved the same result before going on to win the World Rally Championship

The A110 is a petite, jewel-like sportscar with zero flab and no extraneous parts. The fibreglass body shell, developed by Alpine founder Jean Rédélé and the Chappe brothers, is super-thin and the roof panel bends alarmingly at the slightest touch. The front end is so light that, at walking pace, the car can be steered with one finger. It feels alive, delicate and brimming with feedback but I sense real skill is required to drive one well. Skill well worth developing…

Photo credit
Alpine A110 in Alpine Blue, shot at Pôle Mécanique in 2003 © Nicholas Froome
Photos courtesy of Bolide

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