1975 BMW 2002 race car


The 2002 makes a great basis for a race or rally car. The bodyshell is stiff and well-constructed with welding, leading and brazing being used at different points in the construction

This car is fitted with a tii engine – which has a higher compression ratio and bigger valves than lesser versions – with twin Weber 40 DCOE carburettors mounted on ti inlet manifolds. The exhaust system has a tubular 4 into 2 into 1 manifold mated to a three inch exhaust with a single silencer box

On the rolling road the engine put out just over 130 BHP – a good result for an unrebuilt engine with very minor mods. One big upside of the soft state of tune is reliability. The car has done dozens of track days, and been in action for most of each day, but has never missed a beat

This car has competition history since the 1990s. Originally used for grass track racing it was stripped, repainted and prepared as a race car in 2004/5

The basic specification is

  • tii engine
  • Weber 40DCOE carburettors
  • tii distributor
  • Lumenition ignition
  • Facet Red Top
  • Filter King
  • electric fan
  • 2002 ZF dog-leg box
  • 2002 40% LSD
  • twin front ARB
  • front coilover suspension with inverted big-piston Bilsteins
  • billet alloy top mounts with additional negative camber
  • shortened rear springs
  • Bilstein rear dampers
  • alloy strut brace
  • no rear ARB
  • Sparco race seat
  • 4-point race harness
  • battery in sealed box in the passenger compartment
  • original fuel tank
  • FIA shutoff switch & pull cable
  • FIA rain light
  • rear half cage
  • rear towing loop for recovery (as yet unused)
  • all original glass & trim



The 4-cylinder M10 engine dates back to the 1950s. Designed by Alex von Falkenhausen, it was originally a 1.5-litre unit and was produced at various times in 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0-litre forms. The later S14 (2.3 and 2.5-litre) used an M10 block with an M88 head shorn of two cylinders and was fitted to the E30 M3. In 1986 and 87 a version of the M10 was used in the BMW-McLaren turbo F1 cars which were said to produce 1300 bhp in race trim and up to 1500 bhp in qualifying

Photo credit
BMW 2002 shot in Sussex, 2005-2013, © Nicholas Froome
Featured image, © EDP Photo
Courtesy Youngtimer Cars